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ACE (Awareness, Care, and Empowerment) Experiences sensitizes the society on the abilities of the disabled community through an exhibition experience - Dialogue in the Dark (DID). DID allows visitors to explore the unseen, with blind people leading this experience.

As part of NSDC partnership, ACE has been funded to create more such exhibition centers to sensitize close to 2.5 million people over ten years, contribute knowledge capital to Sector Skill Councils (SSC) for PWD specific job roles and act as a system aggregator through a PWD specific employment platform to engage with employers to place over 50,000 persons with different abilities over 10 year partnership. The entity creates job opportunities for people with disabilities (PwD) from the corporates post sensitization and identifies job roles for corporates which can be performed by PwDs. ACE has also launched an online portal, Take 1, which will bring together potential employers, PwDs, Training Providers, NGOs, govt agencies and create employment opportunities for PwD.

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