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Today, Mettl is one of India's largest and fastest growing assessment technology firm, stretching a global footprint across 80+ countries with 2000+ organizations as either clients or partners. It's clientele includes: Indian School of Business (ISB), Alliance University, and SP Jain among 100+ Educational Institutes, SSC NASSCOM, Retail SSC, and Agriculture SSC among 30+ Sector Skill Councils (SSCs), and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Wipro, and Syntel amongst the 2000+ corporate clientele.

An 8-year old start-up, Mettl's inception finds its roots in IIT-IIM alumni Ketan Kapoor and Tonmoy Shingal. Recognized by Thomas Friedman of The New York Times for our impact and innovation in assessment technology, we're also the winners of the Michael Porter & IFC-Mint Strategy Award for Technology Enabled Assessments.

As an Innovation Partner with NSDC, Mettl aims to help massively scale assessments and certifications using the latest technology, wherever possible. These innovative technology solutions will help reduce costs because of fewer logistics hassles and improve assessment quality by preventing malpractices in remote assessments.

The key objective of this partnership is to utilize each other's strengths to add value to various vocational as well as technology-driven training initiatives.

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