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Qustn Technologies is the maker of a global B2B training marketplace, combining their popular training platform Capabiliti with a fast growing training content repository, covering various facets of organizational learning in the form of courses designed by industry experts. Qustn Technologies’ mobile-first training platform Capabiliti allows training anyone on any computing device on any topic, with or without an active internet connection. This allows Capabiliti to be used in any part of the world without being dependent on the level of infrastructure available. It also allows its users to generate and download reports and analytics on usage and performance, to enable them to measure the impact of the learning delivered. Complementing this platform, is an ever growing repository of thousands of training courses designed by leading industry experts globally on various topics and skills. These courses can be used on the platform to achieve your learning objectives successfully. Apart from a growing list of enterprise and SaaS customers from various parts of the world, Qustn has worked on several training and assessment projects with NSDC in the remotest parts of India to facilitate learning and skilling at the ground level through technology.